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89 million people are going to watch 1.2 billion online videos today, but only a shocking 25% of national brands are using online video to advertise to consumers. With more than 50% of consumers saying that product videos make them more confident in purchasing decisions, it seems that digital video is putting brands at the forefront of online marketing and advertising. Within the next few years, national ad spending for online video will double from around $4 Billion to $8 Billion by 2016.

The key to staying relevant in a rapidly advancing, technological world is finding new ways for consumers to come in contact with your brand. We can help. Strange Dream Films has been involved in marketing small to large businesses for years and can provide one of the most sought after and successful tools for a successful online marketing campaign: VIDEO.

Strange Dream Films is now offering two very affordable "Video Ad" production packages that can be utilized by anyone, from small business ads to corporate marketing and communications in any industry!

30 second

Ideal for television commercials or a quick way to introduce a website or product online.

2 minute

Perfect for longer product introductions or extended TV or web commercials.

Prices vary per project but use the form to give us an idea of what you'd like and we'll get back soon with a free quote!