Wildwood 2015

Wildwood has always been a place for me to hit the reset button and take a mental inventory. My family has had a house there since I was a toddler. Every summer I try to get down there as much as possible.

During my most recent trip, I wanted to film things that triggered certain childhood memories; french toast in the morning, playing Nintendo, sitting on the front porch, etc. My hope was to hold on to those memories for as long as I can by making a record of it because it might be the most important place in my life.

I picked the song "I Am a River" by the Foo Fighters because it triggers certain memories and emotions for me and I love the arrangements and lyrics. Also, I recently got to see The Foo Fighters live for the first time and the album "Sonic Highways" was my soundtrack to my trip to Wildwood this year.

I wanted to share this video here even though it's a very personal project because of the response it has generated from those who have watched it.

-mike, strange dream

Mike's Reel

Hello! Recently, I put together this reel to display some of the work I have done in the past year or two. In that time, I have been fortunate to work on some of the most amazing projects. You’ll notice that I have pulled clips from my job at Meridian Health, many music videos, and some short films that I’ve been a part of. My hope is that this reel will give you some insight into my style of shooting. As an artist, it’s never easy to edit a reel because I can be very critical of my work, but I think this is in a good place. Feel free to watch and be inspired!

-mike, strange dream

Two Days to Air

A couple of days ago I was asked by Canadian native singer-songwriter, Miranda di Perno, if I could help her by recording several live performances. One of which was intended to be submitted to NPR's Tiny Desk contest with hopes she could be featured on the show.

With only two days left to shoot and edit the piece before the contest deadline, I had to make quick and efficient use of our time in order to help give her the best chance for victory.

The following is result of our combined hard efforts to turn a live performance into a music video with only one day to shoot and one day to edit.

I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I did working with the talented Miranda and fellow musicians! Also, a special thanks to our very own Mike for the final sound mix and my buddy, Justin Sirizzotti for shooting the second camera.

We'll have two more videos to share over the coming weeks so stay tuned for those!

-joe, strange dream

Welcome to the Strange Dream Newsfeed!

This is the newly implemented newsfeed section of our website. Over time we will update this section with everything from new ideas, industry news that excites us, side projects we may be working on and more!

The goal of this page will be to keep you in the know of everything going on in the minds of the Strange Dream crew in between project releases. Coming soon will be a brand new tech video which will showcase all of our current gear and capabilities for the new year, so keep an eye out for that.

All of us at Strange Dream wish you a happy and healthy New Year and look forward to sharing our coming year with you all. Thanks for stopping by and we'll be sure to notify you via social media as we add to the blog in the future!