Wildwood 2015

Wildwood has always been a place for me to hit the reset button and take a mental inventory. My family has had a house there since I was a toddler. Every summer I try to get down there as much as possible.

During my most recent trip, I wanted to film things that triggered certain childhood memories; french toast in the morning, playing Nintendo, sitting on the front porch, etc. My hope was to hold on to those memories for as long as I can by making a record of it because it might be the most important place in my life.

I picked the song "I Am a River" by the Foo Fighters because it triggers certain memories and emotions for me and I love the arrangements and lyrics. Also, I recently got to see The Foo Fighters live for the first time and the album "Sonic Highways" was my soundtrack to my trip to Wildwood this year.

I wanted to share this video here even though it's a very personal project because of the response it has generated from those who have watched it.

-mike, strange dream